Young peoples car insurance

young peoples car insurance

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Young peoples car insurance

Every young person strives to find cheap car insurance, it’s a known fact and it’s in everybody’s mind, it’s human nature to want to find a cheap deal especially when all current prices are so costly.

Young peoples car insurance is at a turning point, late 2012 it was stated that young female drivers car insurance was to increase by 9% on average as prior to the increase, insurers were charging girls of the same age as a boy munch less based on statistics, (girls are safer drivers) this however was out ruled, however instead of lowering males premiums to match up to females, they ended up increasing females insurance policies to match the boys.

If you’re a young female and just recently purchased an insurance policy (before Sep 2012) and this is you’re first year driving, you could find that you’re insurance policy when it’s time to renew at the same price, or maybe a little over what you paid for you’re current/previous year, please note that if you are over the age of 24 this will not affect you as 24 is the middle threshold where insurers lower you’re premium prices anyway.

back to the topic, boy’s on the other hand, they will continue as they were, there shouldn’t be any changes in regards to prices, we are unaware of why these changes were implemented and can only assume for obvious reasons we (Britain) need more money for our economy and this was an easy way to obtain some, by matching female insurance policies to males, after all, there shouldn’t be any reasons to treat different genders with different rules, so they simply pursued this avenue in raising insurance prices.

There is a great informative post about this situation here from ‘The Guardian’, they dig even further and elaborate on this matter, if you would like to read further, I wouldn’t bother personally, I’d simply want to find a way to maintain my cheap car insurance premium, there’s no point dwelling at the past.

We, at can help young people that are looking for a cheap car insurance policy, by providing a panel of insurers at a click of a button that are prepared to insure you at a very competitive price, we individually go through all known and trusted insurance providers for the younger generation and literally make them compete against each other, so they are all fighting for you’re custom, in return this will lower you’re premium even further, take this opportunity to get a cheap peoples car insurance quote right now and see how much you will save, it’s free, easy and takes around 5 minutes, click the green button to obtain a quotation, simple as that.


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