Why whiplash has increased car insurance

First of all, whiplash is a very common injury if you have a car accident, obviously the impact from an incident whilst wearing a seat belt can cause some unconformable injuries to your neck and back, there is truth to the title of this article, many people that have suffered a car accident that was not there fault often claim for whiplash as it’s very hard for your GP or hospital to tell of the wounds after all it is internal bruising although sometimes bruises can appear on the skin, nowadays many people claim whiplash as a sort of “bonus” which is quite a bonus, most insurers have to payout in the regions of £2000 – £5000 for whiplash alone if it all goes through and 99% of the time it does.

What many people do not realise is that these claims are also causing a massive inflation to current car insurance premiums, let’s think logically here, if insurers are spending bucket loads of money constantly paying out whiplash claims they need to get there money back somehow, insurers are a business and like any other business needs to turn over a profit to survive…

The people that suffer for this are main the youth of today, insurers often state or try to put this across as a younger driver is more  of a liability therefore the inflation of the premium cost is inevitable but this is because they can not really state that they  are trying to obtain the money back from customers that have overly claimed for whiplash.

Did you know that over 60% of insurance ‘Whiplash’ claims are made by individuals over the age of 28? this puts the ‘younger drivers’ out of the equation, age brackets for price ranges normally consist of 17 – 24 year olds (most risk, highest premium) , 25 – 34 (depending on NCB can be very cheap) then 34 – 60 (cheapest car insurance guaranteed bracket) finally 60+ (moves towards higher risk again) , judging by this age/price ratio why is it that insurers are making the younger generation pay for the middle generations whiplash claims?

25% of drivers are made up from the first bracket, that means 75% of drivers in the UK today are 25+ so now you can really understand that these car insurance inflation’s for younger people is a shambles and something has to change!

Just before Christmas of 2012 the insurance bodies announced that insurance for males under the age of 24 would be the same as females, there is somewhat truth to there announcement however it’s not how you would first look at it, before the change, females under the age of 24 normally were obtaining their car insurance policies for at least 20% cheaper than males of the same age, this was done as society states women are safer drivers in general however none of these assumptions are backed up with statistics, the organisations that hold these statistics refuse to produce any statistical information of this matter in general as they can literally do what ever they want, back to topic, they stated that they would  significantly lower males who are under the age of 24 car insurance premiums so they would equal to females, this was not the case, what actually happened is they had increase females car insurance policies by a wopping 33%.

Instead of losing money, they have now actually in theory increased the liability of female drivers who are under the age of 24, how can this be possible? either they have some statistical changes that prove that younger females are more of a liability on today’s roads, or they would have lost too much profit/business by lowering males insurance premiums.

how whiplash inflated insurance premiumsThere are 3:1 females to males in the world, so theoretically there are more female drivers on the road therefore insurers could lower prices for females and still turn over a profit, for instance, these are examples only;

average males car insurance with no NCB at the age of 22 with only 2 months experience holding a license;


on the other hand, the same scenario as above but being a female;


insurers were undercutting there prices on average by £1,000 but they would make this up as there are more female drivers than males on the road meaning, for every one male policy sold, three female policies would be sold.

This is all very good information, however the real frustrating thing is we can not do anything about these changes and will not be able to do anything in the future, this is how it is and must be considered and pondered about when you are looking for things to debate about!

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