Tips on what lowers your car insurance

Some general advice on how to lower you car insurance quotes

There are many ways people can lower there car insurance plans / quotes they just don’t know what needs to be altered or which boxes need checking for these hidden savings, today we shall give you a couple hints and tricks that you could try that will lower your insurance quotes, this advice is only literally for reading purposes and is no way instructions, each individual is responsible for their own actions, more specifically their own insurance policies.

Post code

Many people often think that there isn’t a charge for your post code, or the area you live, this is a great factor in the cost of your policy, did you know that before you even begin to give further information about yourself as an individual you are already charged a basic rate for where you live? more specifically, the post code you have given to the comparison website or telephone broker…

YOU could potentially live elsewhere.. and simply stay at another location over night, perhaps 3 days a week, you would be entitled to give either location as a policy address, at the end of the day, you are entitled to live where ever you please, just think about that for a while and give it a test, we are not implying that if you give a postcode which is around the corner to you, you will make huge savings no, the postcode would need to be further out of inner London as possible, you’ll be amazed at exactly how much you could be discounted.


Another major factor is AGE! this has to be one of the main factors when even thinking about obtaining a car insurance quote, if you’re 17 years old fresh out of your driving test, you haven’t even received your license in the post yet and you’ve already got a car sitting on the drive, you’re veins are bursting out of your forehead you can’t wait to get insured you should WAIT and CALM DOWN.. these little hints may be of use to you…

Before hammering away at your computer keyboard filling out quote forms after quote forms, think about this, if you were to only be a named driver on a vehicle, whereby your parents or relative would be happy to comit to the policy, you could knock off as much as 40% off your policy cost, even better, why not simply ask your parents to add you as a named policy on their own vehicle(s)!

Storage of your car

As you all know, there isn’t many places you can store your car, it’s either the road side, or garage and a drive… but wait, how about ‘secured car park’ and ‘unsecured car park’ what are those I hear you ask? most insurance providers only have three main options you are able to enroll to, these are, ‘Road’, ‘Garage’ or ‘Drive’ when you enter in your quote forms, ‘secured car park’ the insurers enter your location as road, which means in actual fact you’re charged the maximum for possible break ins etc etc, as we all know a garage and a drive are much more secure than simply a roadside.

When giving this information, you should mostly state, either or.. Garage / Drive… simple as that.


With just these three simple helpful tips, you will be able to shave off around £500 cost off your car insurance quotes, but there are more hints, Wait.. you thought we would reveal all of them right now? noope. We would like to take this opportunity to retrieve a quick quote now, which you can do by clicking on the green quote button below, use our suggested tricks and we’d like to know your results!

send them to us at we will pick out the person who has made the most savings and give you a personal gift as a thank you!


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