Modified car insurance

Modified car insurance

If you are one that are not happy with the look and like to make changes to your car by making it a bit more personal this is called modifying. For example;

  • adding extra neon headlights,
  •  getting big speakers,
  •  Putting a bigger exhaust on,
  • Lowering the suspension,
  • and even adding a roof spoiler ect.

These changes can hugely increase the value of your car and improve the way it runs but don’t forget about insurance. Modified car insurance policy’s works out to be more expensive than getting a normal insurance policy. The majority of people that modify their cars are normally in the ages of 18-24 which are already the most at risk. Most insures are wary about taking on a modified cars due to the higher risk they are and some won’t even allow you to fill out a quote. By modifying your car you are likely to increase your chances of claiming.

It is common that most drivers that have modified their cars have kept it in the quite but don’t be fooled that this is not found out. Being dishonest to your insurance provider will only kick you in the back as all insures will refuse to pay out when in an event of a claim.

Remember, any alters to the car since it has left the factory is classed as modified.

The best way to go around paying huge amounts on insurance is to keep the modifications down, for example minor changes like alloy wheels might not affect your policy. Also adding a lock system could also lower the price, a flashy pimped out car attract thief so this could be a good idea.

But don’t worry if you’ve already done the changes then modified car insurance isn’t as much as some people exaggerate it to be. You might find you will only have to pay a little extra. Plus you’re better off telling your insurance provider everything as the chances of it making you bankrupt are very low.

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