Home and Contents Insurance Comparison Sites

Home insurance is very important to have, everyone that values their homes will know this so it’s important to have the needed cover and stay protected, but most important is to have the right cover at the right price.Today’s topic is about…

Home and Contents Insurance Comparison Sites

We will be discussing about different comparison web sites that offer home and contents insurance and comparing prices along the way and displaying the information to you in a transparent manor so you can actually see for yourself, we will be using these home and contents insurance comparison sites on this journey; Makesureyourinsured , Gocompare , CompareTheMarket , MoneySupermarket and we will try and give you the most valuable information before you take the plunge and commit to filling out a quotation form even though it’s always best to obtain as many quotes as you can from different sources as this is the only way you can make sure your insured at the right price for you’re personal needs.

All quotes were filled out using the same criteria so we could determine the best price for multiple comparison sites, we will list our data below, This is what we based our quotations on.

  • Mid Terraced
  • Mortgaged
  • Built in 1950’s
  • 4 rooms (excluding bath/toilet)
  • 3 bed rooms
  • Business purpose – No
  • Locked doors
  • Occupied by – Me and immediate family
  • Unoccupied all day due to work
  • Longest period home is unoccupied – under 31 days
  • Property having a value of £320,000
  • Property having a value of £120,000to rebuild
  • No NCB

I have listed the criteria we used when obtaining a home (buildings) and contents insurance quote above so we can easily list prices here.

Let’s start off with

We opted for filling out a single quote for both buildings and contents insurance because you can also get individual quotes for contents or buildings insurance with us, figures below:

Our price: £574.oo*
Excess: No voluntary excess

As you can see, we received a quote for £574.00 annually with £0 excess which is a very good price indeed, we found this one of the very competitive quotes all year of course with using our specific criteria listed above, so if your a new home owner and have no NCB alternatively have not many years NCB with a similar home as listed above, do obtain a quote from us, you can retrieve one here

Next up is,

Gocompares price: £864.74*
Excess: No voluntary excess

Gocompare’s quote was a staggering £864.74 a year which was one of the highest quotes in our case study, This was very shocking considering they are one of the leading home and contents insurance comparison sites, this was also we no excess spared. you can get a quote from here

Now we have,

CompareTheMarket price: £784.00*
Excess: No voluntary excess

CompareTheMarket was much less than Gocompare which put’s it second thus far when searching for a good home insurance deal which equated to a respective price of £784.00 and also no excess to be paid. You can obtain a quote from here.

Finally we’re going to visit,

Moneysupermarket price: £506.00
Excess: No voluntary excess

Moneysupermarket spat out a very good price, it was really nice to see a well known brand still giving out good deals rather than constantly bleeding this nation dry.

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