Cheapest multicar insurance guaranteed

Most insurers, when talking about cheap multi car insurance, they often say they can provide you with a cheap quote if you insure more than one car with them, we say why? we say why does the multicar insurance discount come off your second car? we don’t believe that rule, we think that everyone should get the cheapest car insurance guaranteed and this is why we are here, we are soon going to be releasing our brand new multi car insurance, where you can not only receive a cheap insurance quote guaranteed but a cheap quote for both your vehicles, yes that’s correct, we’re going to offer you a discounted rate for both of your cars instead of simply applying the discount on one….

So you are definately going to save money when insuring two cars, double the savings with us..! Make sure you stay tuned, we shall be releasing this insurance bonus by the end of next week if all is well and goes to plan.

Feel free to watch our tv commercial;

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