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Cheap Insurance for young drivers is quite difficult to get a hold of, especially for young drivers and elderly people but with our top tips and insurer recommendations we’ll see if we can change that! Pay attention and continue reading…

With more young drivers passing their practical tests earlier and earlier it’s inevitable the next step would be to obtain some car insurance, preferably cheap car insurance young peoples driving insurance, This is troublesome for most individuals simply because the insurance rates for young drivers are excruciatingly over priced and there is a market within a market that is very competitive but this in turn doesn’t lower any prices but only increases them, in this scenario insurers compete against each other to provide you with a £20-90.00 discount but the actual premium average prices weigh out to be £2500 + for a first time driver, How on earth is a £20-90.00 discount on £2500.00 a ‘good deal’ am I right? I mean fair enough a discount is a discount, but in my eyes, a discount of £20.00 for a cost of £2,500 is still unethical and sits merely at a 1% discount , What good is a 1% discount for a 17 year old who just passed their driving test, Which is a major significance being a great achievement, resulting in independence and opens many, many opportunities.. these are all facts but reality settles in and all of this can’t be achieved unless you have the needed protection.

Cheap Insurance for young drivers

is very hard to come by.

So if this policy is for you and you’re struggling to find the needed amount to pay you’re insurance or even if you’re a parent lurking around the world wide web searching high and low for a cheap but fully comprehensive insurance quote for you’re son or daughter please take these factors into consideration and then follow through with a quotation, with our tips and recommended insurers you could save in the region of £400-600 pounds, This is by no means a joke, Makesureyourinsured are partners with a specialised insurance provider that are primarily involved with insuring young drivers at affordable low priced plans.

Factors to consider:

  • Location
  • Post code
  • Make/Model of vehicle
  • Price of vehicle
  • Excess
  • Named driver / Only Driver
  • Storage of vehicle

So, what exactly have you got to lose? if you would like to retrieve a quote from us that primarily specialises in cheap insurance for young drivers then click the green button and start filling out a quote form, it’s an easy 3 step form that will save you money.

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