Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds


You passed your driving theory test and you’ve just passed your practical driving test, well done! Now most importantly your cheap car insurance for 17 year oldslooking for cheap car insurance but you’re 17 years old with NO NCB’s (no claims bonus) we’ve all been there, it’s that shocking feeling you have when you shop around for car insurance at such a young age that when you see the prices of insurance policies for the average 17 year old it can get a bit frustrating when all you want to do is ‘just drive….’

Many 17 year olds will tend to get disheartened when seeing such amazingly high premiums they tend to become a ‘named driver’ on their parents policies, this is most common among such young drivers as policy prices dramatically decrease when doing so, although this is a particular technique in obtaining a cheaper quote, this technique will not benefit you long term.

By entering yourself as a named driver you will not accumulate any NCB (no claims bonus) which in return does nothing to your driving experience for years to come, no claim bonuses are very useful to have especially for 17 year olds as this drastically lowers the cost of car insurance year after year, put it this way, 3 years no claims can decrease your car insurance quote by 40%.

This is where we come in, help young drivers, we have a panel of insurance providers ready to insure all you 17 year olds that are looking for really cheap car insurance, we have proven to find the cheapest insurance guaranteed.

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