Business car insurance

Business car insurance

Getting a business car policy normally ends up becoming more expensive and what most people tend to think is it worth it? Why not just get a normally policy that covers social use, domestic use and personal use! Well facts are its cheaper but in the long run it will not be worth it. Having the correct policy for your usage of the car is important and being dishonest will mean you are committing an offence and insures will not pay out, read on for more information.

Driving a vehicle for business purposes automatically makes the driver more at risk and more likely to claim more than a person who uses their vehicle once or twice a day. This is why business car insurance plans are pricier. The policy will also cover you for the extra miles you achieve, doing deliveries to homes and visiting clients. On the other hand we don’t cover you if you are in the same area to which aircraft are. And lastly, taxi drivers who are interested we can confirm to after you have applied for a business car insurance policy whether you are eligible. But please remember company cars should be insured by the company owner.

Now for the right policy, there is more than one policy for business car insurance depending on how much the car is used. Once again being dishonest can lead to committing an offence and could also affect your contract. Here are the different types;

  • If you use your car to get to work and back then the right policy will be under social domestic and pleasure.
  • Class 1 business use is needed is you visit different sites/offices as well as your main site.
  • The highest level is class 3. This covers a named driver and policy holder who visits several sites and travels for work substantially.

Lastly I stress to you how much it is important to read the terms and conditions before signing over just in case you or we have missed anything.

I hope this information has helped and if you are still having problems choosing the correct policy then why not contact us using our contact page we have a 100% positive feedback from our help office.


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