Average cost of Private Health Insurance UK

Average cost of private health insurance UK

Today you will find that the average cost of healthcare insurance is higher than expected, the average cost of private health insurance UK is roughly on average £1,000 per year. Of course the cost varies to every individual due to what you want your policy to include. Most people find that if you want things like travel health insurance and regular health-screening for example you will have to pay more. However, on the other hand, if you are willing to rely on the NHS or pay your own out-patient care then the cost will be lowered.

The biggest influence on the price is also where abouts you are treated for example, you will find that private local facilities will cost you much less than somewhere in central London. And of course, you will be given the options of basic plans, medium plans and advanced healthcare plans. Basic cover you should expect the cost to be around £40-£50 per month, medium plans average between £50-£60 per month leaving advanced plans to average around £65 and above per month. As you will expect the more you pay out the more you’re covered for.

The average cost of private health insurance UK isn’t cheap but benefits people in the long run, for instance healthcare insurance may cover you for most the stuff NHS doesn’t. Lastly, did you know that 10% of the population today have private health insurance and over 1 million private operations are carried out each year?

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